The Scwc offers this guide to books that members have published. to learn more about a book, click on the image of its cover.


The Life of Martin Luther

The Destruction of the Indies

Self-Publishing & Selling Your Book

Writing Feature Articles

The Sinner’s Guide

Letters to an Atheist Friend

Great Editorials

Guide to Literary Sites of the South

Masterpieces of Reporting

A Life That Matters

Faith Stories

College Nicknames

Writing for Magazines

Pulitzer Prize Editorials

The Saints’ Everlasting Rest

Bondage of the Will

Communication and the Law

The Imitation of Christ

Babylonian Captivity of the Church

To the Christian Nobility of Germany

Concerning Christian Liberty

Treatise on Good Works

Collection of 5 of Luther’s works

John Hus: His Life and Times

Philip Melanchthon biography

Golden Threads

Zwingli: His Life and Times

Introduction to the

Devout Life

Writing: 2,100 Quotations

Abandonment to Divine Providence

Solomon Says: Godly Counsel for Victorious Living