The SCWC is the best writing conference in the nation.” — Nationally known book publisher and speaker

The purpose of the Southern Christian Writers Conference is to inform and inspire. It holds a workshop in June each year, one of the largest in the nation, with leading Christian writers, editors, and publishers as speakers.

Many people — both speakers and attendees — have called it one of the top writing workshops in America.

Despite its high quality, the cost of attending the workshop is less than half that of most other workshops.


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From a participant: “It was another amazing year, and I am already antici-pating next year. I can't believe how much I learned over a short weekend. Many of my questions were answered, even ones I didn't know to ask. Even greater, the Holy Spirit's presence was incredible.  The SCWC shines of His handiwork.”




Please note that the information on this website is about the 2018

conference. We’ll post 2019 information as it becomes available.

We are grateful for the many comments we received from the participants at last year’s workshop. Here are some of them:

Still remembering what a wonderful time of inspiration and learning the SCWC was. Thank you for all your hard work and your faithfulness to your calling to that ministry. This was my first year, and I loved every minute.

I just want to say "wow — what a great conference!" Thanks again.

My body is so tired, but my spirit is renewed! What a wonderful day at the Southern Christian Writers Conference!

I just want to say a big thank you for again putting on such a wonderful conference. I know it is a formidable job, but you all do it so well. I brought three first-timers with me, and they all gave it an A+.

I attended the Southern Christian Writer's Conference this year, for the first time. The friends I went with were the only people whom I knew at the Conference. However, of all the people I met, I never met a stranger. They were all just friends whom I had never met! It was an awesome conference and so well organized. My thanks to all who had a part in organizing and conducting an event that benefited so many diverse people. I WILL be back next year, if the good Lord's willing!

I can't believe how much work must go into the conference. You did a great job!

The conference was awesome!

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference.  I appreciate this ministry that you provide to those of us who love to write!

Your conference was smashing. It smashed any lingering, niggling thoughts that a grey haired 71 year old retired English/Lit teacher should really retire…. You are an inspiration. As an associate pastor for 25 years, I can appreciate all the hard work that went into your conference. It was great.

The conference is always inspirational and so informative!!!

I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful conference experience! That Sweet Spirit of Christ was so prevalent, and I was so blessed to be there.

This past SCWC was truly excellent!  The agents were all welcoming, encouraging, and flexible, which was so refreshing! My pastor’s wife and I were thrilled at the quality of the presenters and took copious notes. Again, thank you for all the planning and execution of a wonderful event!  My thanks to everyone who was on the staff!  (It was worth every minute of the 12 hours of driving!) May God richly bless you.

Another great SCWC at Tuscaloosa!


It’s wonderful to think of how many writers you have helped and inspired over the years. Thank you for all you do.

I love this conference! Thank you!

Great conference!

I came with my husband, who is the writer, not I, but I truly enjoyed  my experience.

Love this conference!

This year's SCWC has fueled me like no other conference has. I've already submitted 2 articles to Mature Living (and received a positive response in 8 days on the first) and have written approximately 15,000 words on my book of letters to my kids about my terminal diagnosis. None of that would have happened without you.

I appreciated the speakers’ honesty and willingness to offer advice and help.

Very good conference. BEST ONE EVER.

Great conference!


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the writers conference. I am a new author. So this was my first conference to attend, and it was absolutely fabulous! It was incredibly informative, and I'm just grateful for the opportunity to attend. Very well-run and well-organized as well!! Thank you for all you do to help other authors. I am planning on coming back next year!

Excellent conference!

absolutely love this conference!

Still tired "to the bone" this morning after the Southern Christian Writers Conference, but inspired, encouraged, and determined to "get 'er done!" Wonderful conference. You do such a great job each year ... but this year was the best conference ever!

The schedule is great!

The best conference you’ve had … again!

The speakers were excellent. Please invite them back.

Thank you! I have learned so much.

This was my first writer’s conference, and this has been fantastic! Very informative — from the informational emails preceding the conference logistics to all the speakers and sessions. I will definitely attend next year!


I think this conference is so well done! I can think of no improvements that need to be made. Thank you for being such a blessing!

Thank you. It was a blessing.

You have a perfect balance of “moving along” at a great pace. It all “clicked.”

My first conference. It will NOT be my last.

What a wonderful writing conference this weekend! Thank you for all of the very hard work you put into this event! I've never attended a more perfectly orchestrated occasion! Just wonderful!

Thank you soooo much!

See you next year. I loved the conference.

I love the format and the content. I have attended several years, and every year there is a little something different, and I love that. I also love the fact that you consistently cover the basics. This has been a great conference! I cannot thank you enough for your servant ministry as writers. What a blessing and encouragement your conferences are.

I really enjoyed the conference. I would love to be here next year! You did a great job of packing so much in just two short days. Thank you!

Excellent organization and sweet, helpful, humble spirit from all the staff. Thank you for all the hard work. I was very pleased with the quality, spirit, and organization of this special event. Thank you so much!

I really enjoyed the speakers and the session leaders.

Thank you for a wonderful conference. The sessions were very helpful in my writing plan.

I had a great time!

Great conference! Thank you for helping us become better writers and stewards of God’s gift!

I’ve attended the SCWC conference many years, and this year was the best one yet. Lots of good information and inspiration. Thanks so much.

Thanks for a great conference (again)!

I had a very nice time. Thank you.