How to enter the 2019 scwc writing contest



Deadline (postmark)

to enter is

May 10, 2019!


1. Nonfiction Magazine Article

2. Newspaper Article

3. Short Story (fiction)

4. Poetry

5. Letter to the Editor


The annual SCWC Writing Contest recognizes the outstanding published works of members throughout the year. Works of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry by SCWC members (individuals who have attended at least one workshop in the past two years or who are registered for the 2019 workshop) may be entered.

     Works eligible for the 2019 contest must have been published between May 1, 2018, and April 30, 2019. They must fit into one of the following five categories: (1) Nonfiction Magazine Article, (2) Newspaper Article, (3) Short Story (fiction), (4) Poetry, or (5) Letter to the Editor. You may submit no more than one entry in any one category. Short stories and poems must have been published in a newspaper or magazine or have been included in a published (but not self-published) book. The publications in which the entries appeared may be either religious or secular and either printed or online.

     To enter the contest, send a photocopy of the entire work as it appeared in the publication and a photocopy of a page (such as the table of contents or cover) that shows the publication’s title and date. An accompanying letter must show your name and tell what category (Magazine Article, Newspaper Article, Short Story, Poetry, or Letter) you are entering.

     The deadline (postmark) for entering the contest is May 10, 2019.

     Send entries to:

     SCWC Writing Contest

     P.O. Box 1106

     Northport, AL 35476

     The top three winners in each category will be announced at the closing session of this year’s workshop. A cash prize and certificate will be awarded to the first-place winner in each category; certificates will be awarded to the second- and third-place winners.